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Solar magnetic reversal happening now

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Magnetic polarity shift during the latest solar max...image from NASA Magnetic polarity shift during the latest solar max...image from NASA

Big changes are about to happen to the sun in the upcoming weeks but what effects will this have on planet Earth?

The advertised big solar changes coming soon are that the sun's magnetic field is about to reverse polarity.

So, what does this mean? Well, every 11 years in the sun's 22 year reorganization cycle as the big ball of fire and hot gases go through solar max, the polarity changes. In other words, the magnetic north pole diminishes and reappears at the south pole. In fact, this change is well underway. Normally, the sun during the solar max period becomes very active with lots of sunspots and CME's or Coronal Mass Ejections. Of course, this usually plays havoc with our technology like cell phones, power grids and etc. This year, according to NASA scientists, solar max is one of the weakest in over 100 years with very few sunspots or CME's.

Most people will go about their normal day to day routines without any problems. Still, a couple of subtle changes may occur with this polarity shift. First, there could be fewer lightning strikes on Earth for a while. Second, for the same underlying reason, satellites, the International Space Station and space walking astronauts may enjoy less hazardous duty.

So, to sum things up again, due to the weak nature of this solar event, most folks will just go about their business without any interruptions. For inquiring minds, check with the Shreveport/Bossier Astronomical Society. They'll be having their first star party on September 14th at the Worley Observatory which is only about 8 miles south of Shreveport.



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