Caddo School Board releases proposed plan regarding 5 academically unacceptable schools


Five Caddo schools are on the academically unacceptable list and now officials are hoping to help them make the grade. The school board held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss their future.

Newton Smith, Midway, Fair Park, Atkins and Woodlawn are the five schools currently on the academically unacceptable list. Interim Superintendent, Dr. Mary Nash Robinson, discussed plans for the schools.

Under the plan, Midway would be 4th through 6th grades with Pre-K through 3rd grade students moving to Mooretown. The district would then close and reorganize Midway and Mooretown.

Fair Park would be a 9th through 12th grades with career tech focus. The curriculum would focus on career technology and partner with businesses and colleges for medical, business, service industry and technical academies.

"Any student that is in the Fair Park program can prepare should he decide or she decide for a career area and come out with some kind of certification and as a wage earner or if your intent is to become a college student, then you've got that" says Dr. Mary Nash Robinson.

In the proposed plan, Woodlawn would be a 9th through 12th grades with career tech focus. The curriculum would focus on four major academies such as military, business, service industry and technical.

And, Atkins would combine with Linwood as a K through 8th extended year operated by the Caddo Parish School Board under a new name.

Part of those plans also include closing Newton Smith. Robinson says the school board would like to take back Linear Leadership Academy and rename it the "Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Community School of Excellence" and then consolidate Linear, Newton Smith and Northside to attend that school. Right now, Northside is a higher performing school and with two schools closing, Robinson says the school board would actually save money.

"This process is a collaborative process between the district and the rsd. Collaboration means that we all sit at the table, we bring our proposal, we have responses to the proposal, and then somewhere in the middle, we meet" says Robinson.

Keep in mind, that this proposal is only a "draft" plan. The school board and Louisiana Recovery School District is scheduled to present this plan to the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education on December 6, 2013.

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