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Inside the Marshall Fire Department

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Today we visit the Marshall, Texas Fire Department.  Nearly 25000 people live in that fire district.  It also covers an additional sixty-six thousand  in the county with their emergency medical service or ems as its called.  

We go inside the Marshall Fire department to show you a typical day on a typical shift when fires are not being fought and rescues are not being performed.  Its what happens behind the scenes.  And I think you'll see there is no moss growing on these rolling stones.

They've starred in t-v shows. And there have even been songs written about them.  We see them in the headlines saving lives and putting out fires.   On a typical day you might see these guys out doing what most in their field do when not out on a call.

We do this every day. The sweeping and mopping every day. Try to make sure all the bathrooms are clean because its a public building.

All the low end firefighter guys, the ones that are not officers, we do the nitty-gritty stuff.

You're cleaned out by the time you get to the house I would imagine. Yeah its time to just rest when you get to the house.

And there's a lot of nitty gritty work to do.

Then they're not out fighting fires or saving lives they're here at the station cleaning up. Cleaning vehicles or in this case mopping the floors. Maintaining a beautiful floor just in case someone decides to come visit. And today we're mopping the kitchen area. The bathrooms are next, right? The bathrooms are next yeah. Hmm. There you go. Good luck.

But basic house cleaning is only part of what you'll see at a local fire station.  All the equipment has to be maintained so it can last and save us taxpayers money.  Take for example the firehoses.

At least monthly you want to pull it off. Check it. Make sure you're in good shape. And like chief was saying we do annual hose testing every year.

We have to wash it whenever we get back pretty much from a fire. It gets real dirty.

This is our hose washer. If we have a bunch of hose off a single fire we can wheel this out. Hook the hose up to it. And it runs it through here. And through some ringers. And there's some scrub brushes in here.

We take our soiled bunker clothes. Put 'em in there. Its got a place for detergent. We've got tide. We've got hydrogen peroxide in case there's blood.

Then there's the trucks.

After the ambulance goes out on a call its time for the ambulance to come back to the fire station. And re-stock.

I've got a check-off list that tells me I've gotta have so many bags of fluid. So many drugs we check the date on the drugs once a month to make sure they're current.

Check the batteries in all the equipment. From the defibrillator to the suction. Just maintain everything.

We pull everything out. Wash it down. Mop it down. Get the disinfectant and go over every little single spot.

Aside from keeping equipment in good working order, their training is on-going  with continuing education on life-saving procedures.  This keeps everything fresh on their minds so it remains second nature.  

It will simulate pulses. Breath sounds, abdominal sounds and blood pressures.

We don't wanna be training when its a real person. We want to practice here so we can be efficient in the field. 

I decided to give it a try.  Bob walked me through inserting an intubation tube and CPR.  

Ok so this guy was under cardiac arrest. We did some CPR on him. We did five sets of 30 chest compressions. That's enough to wear you out. But you guys keep going. 

Every way you look at it, these firefighters have very physical jobs.  .

They have to be in shape to do the job.

Little people don't call for ambulances. Big people call for ambulances. And usually its a lot of weight they have to lift.

And that's where the weight room comes into play.  

Our job has a lot of physical demand to it. And the more you work out the better your body will be prepared for whatever the job gives you.

When these guys aren't stocking their ambulances or maintaining their equipment, they're learning the latest in life-saving techniques. But when they're not doing that, there is a little bit of time for some fun.

Best player is probably Kenny Davis. He's our battalion chief. We call him Kenny defense.

Really really good exercise. The amount of running that we do. Keeps our lungs healthy and just keeps us in shape.

There's a lot of fire scenes that take a lot of strength and stamina to fight those fires. So we come out here to do a lot of running.


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