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If the beach is too far south and gas prices are holding your wallet hostage...You may want to get more bang for your buck  with the game of paint ball.  All you need is a marker, what you and I call a gun,  a bunch of paint balls, and a field of play.  And this place in elm grove has all of that.    Owner cathy weeks says she thinks you become a kid again. 

And Josh Haile our very own KTBS Morning Show Director and Photographer Extraordinare had that feeling himself. I was over here in this shack. I tried to peer out and shoot somebody. But as soon as I did that, I saw the guy come out and shoot at me. And as soon as I came back, those bullets just went right by my face. Matrix style.

Cathy says she's had so many parents that say oh my word that was so much fun. And I'm gonna pay for it in two days.  Groups, and businesses alike bring their folks out here for a little stress relief.  

Roland Welch was there with his company Enterprise Rent A Car and said it's pretty dangerous as you can see. Try to get dirty on our hands and knees and we're having a lot of fun.

Tyler Robertson was pretty excited about it as well.  Everybody with Enterprise Rent A Car. We're out here on an elite trip for our top performers. And we're having a great time.  Some of that stress relief is taken out on the boss.  But it's all in good fun.  We're trying to take out our boss Marcus Sonoski. We're trying to take him down. And we've succeeded. He's been out every time.

But families make up a big part of off limits paint ball too.   I brought along my own family so they could see what it's like out there.  First we were outfitted with a paintball proof vest and a helmet with eye cover.  Now then if you're wearing clothes that you don't wanna get dirty, good news. They actually have fatigues that you can wear while your out on the playing field. Thanks.  And then we got to choose our field.    We're at the wild west playing field right now.

One of twelve here at off limits paint ball. This one has recently been used as you can see. This is the one we're going to be playing on today.
So we played and shot and ran from cover to cover.  The adrenaline really does surge as the paint balls  have a small sting.   And like every other sport, team work is important. I asked Cathy,  how do you spell team. I don't know. T-e-a-m. Wrong. T-i-e-a-m. That's how I spell team. I knew it was a trick question. That's how I spell team.  To win the game one side has to grab the flag of the opposing team.  I never made it to the flag.
Once the game is over there are paintballs and paint splattered everywhere.  But they are made of vegetable oil and food coloring and dissolve like medicinal gel caps.   Just some biodegradable stuff? See even though they're pink and blue, they're still green.

Me zero. Family two. My wife, my daughter. They got me pretty good. I know i wasn't able to get a shot off on them. But they did a pretty good job on me. I'll tell you that.  It was a blast. Did it hurt you in your heart to be shooting at your husband? No. Not at all. Did my heart good.
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