Employers are invited to attend this free educational event!

The State of Louisiana through the Department of Corrections releases over 18,000 people each year back to society. While incarcerated these individuals receive training and education that is equivalent to our local universities and technical schools.  Unfortunately, statistics show that almost 43% of those released will return to prison because of a new crime or failure to follow the conditions of their release.   This cycle, known as recidivism, costs tax payers millions of dollars each year, not to mention the toll it takes on families, especially the children of those incarcerated.  In an effort to reduce recidivism, protect the public, save tax payer’s dollars and allow those persons returning from prison a second chance at succeeding in society, it is imperative that employers consider this population as a potential pool to hire from.

In order to get this message out to employers, Right on Crime has been sponsoring Employer Summits here in Louisiana.   We have also prepared an Employer Handbook to assist employers in making decisions about hiring the formerly incarcerated.  We work with our local and regional reentry groups, local chamber of commerce, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry and many other community partners in an attempt to educate employers about the benefits of hiring returning citizens.    Securing employment is a critical element in securing success for those returning from prison. 

 In our summits we have panels that consists of business and community leaders, community providers, employers and successful returning citizens.   3 hours of SHRM continuing education credits will be provided to SHRM members.



  • Occurs Thursday, September 5th, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm


Independence Stadium Skybox

3301 Pershing Blvd
Shreveport, LA 71101