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KTBS, KPXJ-CW, and Home Federal Bank partner together to educate the ArkLaTex about the importance of saving. Whether it is for a customer's next vacation, college, Christmas, new car, house, etc...They need a plan. Download the Jr. Weather Watcher Coloring Sheet with AMOS the Pig on it to be eligible for a savings account with $100 or $150 at Home Federal Bank. Home Federal Bank will announce the winners March 30, 2020.

Home Federal uses AMOS the Pig to promote savings with children. Home Federal Bank has received several National Awards for their America Saves project. Fiscal responsibility is important to everyone, and this is one way we can address money issues and help families focus on their savings.

Date Financial Goal
Monday, February 24 Save Automatically
Tuesday, February 25 Save with a Plan
Wednesday, February 26 Save for the Unexpected
Thursday, February 27 Save to Retire
Friday, February 28 Save by Reducing Debt
Saturday, February 29 Save as a Family

Make a pledge to yourself and create a simple savings plan that works.

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SHREVEPORT, La. - America Saves Week is all about helping the public and viewers become financially secure. To get there, you need a plan.

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SHREVEPORT, La - Thinking ahead for your future. This week KTBS 3 is partnering with Home Federal Bank to bring you America Saves Week. This m…

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