TSR LA Baby Mommas - Barbie

TSR LA Baby Mommas will give more updates on when Barbie will be available for adoption. 

More dog lovers are considering adopting pets. TSR LA Baby Mommas is just one of the organizations in the ArkLaTex who offers the option for anyone to adopt a pet. Find out what the shelter has available. 

We're here to help along with the agencies listed below. We've also included a bit of information about the difference between adopting from a shelter and taking in a rescue.

Thank you for considering pet adoption and for visiting the following sites for more information. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. KTBS is not responsible for pets that are adopted.

Look into more adoptable resources:

-Desoto Parish Animal Services

-Ninna's Road to Rescue

-Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

-Louisiana Dog Rescue

                                       Shelter vs. Rescue

Some of the advantages of adopting from a shelter are you might be able to see many pets for adoption all at once at their facility. Many shelters have a very easy or no screening process, and will let you take home whatever pet you want the same day. Adoption fees are often lower than a rescue’s, but you may need to pay for additional vet care after adopting.

Some of the advantages of adopting from a rescue are they often know a lot about each of the pets in their care, since the pets may be in foster homes. A rescue might have a more involved screening process, which can take more time, but can help you adopt a pet that is more likely to be an easier match for your home. Adoption fees are often higher than a shelter, but often include vet care that would cost more if you paid the vet yourself.


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