Mansfield, La

The KTBS 3 crew is excited to be headed to Mansfield, Louisiana for the next Community Caravan. We'll be having lunch at noon on Thursday, March 14, at Billy B's Cajun Grill at 13147 U.S. 171 in Mansfield. Get there early as the discussion will get started about 11 a.m.

There's a whole world of history to be found in Mansfield and surrounding DeSoto Parish. From natural areas like Toledo Bend Lake to living history reenactments at Civil War battlefields to small-town Americana, you'll find an authentic experience that hearkens back to a slower, kinder time.

Be sure and look for reports from Rick Rowe on Mansfield and everything it has to offer beginning Monday, March 18.

This month's KTBS 3 Community Caravan is sponsored by DeSoto Regional Health System.


Throughout much of the nineteenth century, one of the most culturally progressive landmarks of Western Louisiana was Mansfield, in Desoto Parish. The city was first platted in 1843 and was incorporated by Act No. 128 of the 1847 Louisiana General Assembly. The growing community of Mansfield was officially incorporated into the City of Mansfield in 1948 Act No. 194 by the Louisiana Legislature.

The first parish courthouse and college building were erected there in the early 1850's. The town was surrounded by magnificent short leaf pine forests, also rich deposits of lignite coal and limestone, the latter being the principal ingredient of cement. In April, 1864, Mansfield gained a permanent niche in American Civil War history, when Confederate General Richard Taylor decisively defeated nearby a Union army, advancing along the Red River.

In 1890's, the town was a junction of two rails, the Texas Central, later the Texas Pacific Railroad, was built from Marshall, Texas, to Alexandria and beyond to New Orleans. In 1895 the Kansas City Southern Railroad built through Mansfield en route to Leesville, and by 1908, the Mansfield Railway Transportation Company rails had reached the Sabine River, en route to Center, Texas. Also, by 1908, Mansfield began its legacy as a major logging and lumber city when a number of the industries, mills and factories were founded.


  • The City of Mansfield is the Parish Seat of DeSoto Parish.
  • City Sales Tax Revenues have more than doubled from 
    June, 2007 to June, 2010 because of the Haynesville Shale 
    Natural Gas discovery. In DeSoto Parish - Sales Tax revenue has 
    sky-rocketed from $23-million for 2006-2007 to 
    over $78-million for 2009-2010.  It is estimated that 
    nearly 5 percent of the Nation's gas drilling is in DeSoto Parish.
  • Sales tax revenues for 2009/2010 were reported as 93 percent higher than the prior year.  Sales tax revenues in the City of Mansfield generated over $2-million in the 2009/2010 fiscal year compared to only $1-million in 2007.
  • Compressed Natural Gas Station opened in February 2012. web 
  • The City of Mansfield was first Incorporated on: April 15, 1847
  • Population: 5,001 according to 2010 U.S. Census Bureau
  • Median household income 2008 - $29,093
  • Parish: DeSoto
  • Latitude: 32.037n
  • Longitude: 93.7w
  • Annual average rainfall: 65.56
  • City tree: Crepe Myrtle
  • City flower:  Day Lily
  • Time zone: Central Daylight Savings
  • Nearest major city: Mansfield is about 30 miles south of 
    Shreveport, LA on US Hwy 171 and Interstate 49

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