HOMER, La. - The Claiborne Parish Police Jury voted unanimously at a special meeting Thursday to take down a prominent Confederate monument near the Claiborne Parish Courthouse.

The agenda item did not specifically state discussion would center on the monument's removal. It read, "Discussions Concerning Changes to the Claiborne Parish Courthouse lawn."

KTBS was told the decision was based on creating a more unified community during difficult times. 

The monument has been on a prominent corner of the Claiborne Parish Courthouse lawn since 1940.

The Sons of the Confederacy, the  organization that own the 8,000-pound monument, will take it back; however, the Police Jury will pay to move it, Police Juror Willie Young said.

A cost and timeline to accomplish that is still being worked out, Young said. 

This is the first time removal of the monument has been brought up at a Police Jury meeting, he added.


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