The season of fall is the time where people begin to become more productive when it comes to decorating their homes. For the ones who've never decorated their homes, Brandi and Bridgette from Ivy & Stone have given us a few tips on why fall season is one of the best times to beautify your home, and how you can start.  

3 Fall Season Projects

What are the most simplest products you would recommend for anyone who's never decorated their home?

Brandi Sharkey, Owner of Ivy & Stone:

"If you've never decorated your home, we think the simplest product to start with is a rug. Locate a great place to layout, and have a good starting point. You can pull in the colors from the rug and just kind of build up from there. So, there's different varieties of rugs, textures, patterns and colors. You really can go in any direction that you want based off your home and your preferences."

1 Fall Season Projects

Why is fall season one of the best times to spruce up your home? 

Bridgette Morgan, Manager of Ivy & Stone in Bossier City: 

"Normally, family is coming into town, and you want everything looking great and inviting. You want to bring in some fall colors and some textures to make them feel comforted."

2 Fall Season Projects

What is the most popular area in the house to decorate during the fall? 

Brandi Sharkey:

"We think the most popular area to decorate is definitely the dining room for fall. When you think of fall, you think of Thanksgiving. All of your family is going to come over and gather around your table, hold hands and celebrate family and love."

Fall Home Projects

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