As we work to Defeat Diabetes, exercise plays a big role in making that happen.

This month our focus will be on getting all of us to Move More.

As we "Spring into Exercise", we will realize the benefits for our body, as well as for Defeating Diabetes.

SHREVEPORT, La. -- Around 34 million Americans have diabetes. That number is expected to double by 2050, according to Dr. Laura Kimball-Ravari, an endocrinologist at Willis Knighton Health System. 

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People who reverse their prediabetes may lower the risk of heart attack, stroke and death, a new study suggests.With prediabetes, a person has blood sugar levels that are higher than normal but lower than the threshold for a diabetes diagnosis. Even so, people with prediabetes are more likel…

SHREVEPORT, La. - Defeating Diabetes is an annual project for KTBS & KPXJ CW 21. We want to inform, and educate the public about the disease, and potential complications, and prevent the disease. A healthy diet, and proper exercise can delay the onset of diabetes, or reduce your risk factors.

The numbers are staggering. 30 million Americans have diabetes and another 84 million have prediabetes—a number that only gets more dire when you consider its associated healthcare price tag of $327 billion.

Staying home and limiting your contact with other people is the most effective way to stay safe and avoid COVID-19. However, some trips outside are essential, like shopping for groceries. Read on for simple tips to make grocery shopping safer.

SHREVEPORT, La - According to the American Heart Association, 68% of people age 65 or older with diabetes die from some form heart disease. But according to doctors, you can control many contributing factors and decrease your chances of heart disease.

SHREVEPORT, La - The numbers are staggering. 30-million Americans have diabetes and another 84-million have prediabetes. Those numbers only get more dire when you consider its associated healthcare price tag of $327 billion.