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GRAND CANE, La. - Sixty-five people are one step closer to being licensed hunters.

The Desoto Parish Sheriff's office finished up their three-day class on hunting safety.

Eleven-year old Mason Huey was excited to join the class.

"I can get my hunt license whenever I get old enough then i can go hunting without my dad," Huey said.

But he has to be at least 16 years old to do so and this class was a stepping stone for him.

"It's a law in Louisiana that you have to have a Hunter's Safety Education card to buy a license in our state," said Michael Dunn, a Desoto Parish Sheriff's deputy and hunter's ed instructor.

In the class, they learned, of course, how to shoot a gun, but more importantly safety rules and environmental education.

"...know what to do when they do have an accident and fall and break a leg or get shot or something like that so it's really important for them to go through and just get a little touch of safety," Dunn said.

And that's why Preston Smith brought his son and daughter to the class. He says he took this same class with his dad when he was ten years old and wanted to share the sport with his kids.

"It's very important for my children to know," Smith said. "I think we educate or children and we shouldn't have to hide things from them and things like that. Just educate them. I think the more we teach our children the better adult's they'll become."

Another important part...

"You get to eat what you killed," Huey said. Which, to me, is actually kind of rewarding."

In the end, this class wraps up at the perfect moment so students can take their shot right in time for hunting season.

Their next class will be in the Spring.


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