Marshall, Tx. -- While we try to teach our children about life, our children sometimes teach us what life is all about. Those words couldn't be more true when it comes to 9 year old, Logan Wilson.

Logan tragically lost his older brother in a car accident last year.

But, he continued to work hard in school.

And he did something else that inspired his principal to nominate him as an Everyday Hero.

"It was just a no-brainer for me we have lots of kids on this campus that would qualify for an everyday hero," says Jerry Hancock, Principal at Sam Houston Elementary School.

It's 'Back to School' night for the 4th graders. That little guy there is Logan Jackson.

Last school year, Logan and most of his classmates earned bikes by meeting their reading goals. The bikes are donated each year by Mission Marshall, Misty Scott is the Executive Director, "Because 3rd grade is the last year you learn to read, after that you're expected to read to learn and you just fall further behind."

Logan earned a bike, but he gave it to his friend. Why? Logan says, "Well, it's because he didn't earn one. And I like giving more than receiving. "

Hancock says, "His parents have done a great job of instilling in him the fact of paying things forward and not always doing for yourself. And we just don't have enough of that in our everyday world today."

KTBS-3's Community partners agreed - Logan's kindness and generosity are the traits of an Everyday Hero, "You are our Everyday Hero for the quarter. Thank you for all of the heroic things you have done. You've inspired so many other people from your actions."

Hancock says, "Its a good example that you don't have to be an adult to be an Everyday Hero. And there's a lot for adults to learn from our kids." :

While Logan's favorite super hero is Superman, this Everyday Hero wants others to remember to, "Pass it on". I asked him what it means to "Pass it on", he said, "It means to - so like, I gave my bike to him, you need to need to pass the kindness onto other people."

His principal says, "He's a good example of somebody who has had a difficult time and made something good out of that for more than just himself."

How does Logan feel about being a hero? "Cool!"

We want to thank our community partners Kilpatrick-Roseneath Funeral Homes and Bossier Federal Credit Union. We also want to thank Frank's Louisiana Kitchen for honoring Logan who's super power is "Passing on Kindness".


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