Lori Glover - KTBS Everyday Hero

Lori Glover of Minden is selected as a KTBS Everyday Hero. She was presented with a plaque and gift card by sponsors Margaret Shehee of Kilpatrick's Rose-Neath Funeral Homes and Jill Valentine of Bossier Federal Credit Union. 

MINDEN, La -- A pandemic created a need. And a day surgery nurse at Minden Medical Center found a way to help.

Lori Glover jumped into action to assist low-income, mostly senior citizens who had no transportation or family in the area. She said it was a voice inside telling her to take action.

“God kept putting it in my mind,” she said.

So after talking with her friend, Toni Berry, about the needs of seniors in the community, she came up with a plan. She started a Facebook group called Love Thy Neighbor and asked her community to come together for the cause.

“We would collect all these things and all these care packages and deliver them,” said Glover.

“Our community is amazing I mean we raise so much money for St Jude and I knew that they would respond and they did – toothpaste and soap and canned goods, all non-perishables that these people were not able to go out and get," she said.

And that’s why Berry nominated Glover to be a KTBS-3 Everyday Hero.

“I burst into tears and I said, 'That’s a hero,'” said Berry. “And I called that night and said, 'We have a Minden Hero that I would love to honor.'”

And the men and women she helped were grateful for the community’s generosity and Glover’s willingness to act and make it all possible.

"We were able to do a lot for them, and they were appreciative,” Glover said. “This one little lady, she’s in a wheelchair and doesn’t get around good, she looked in her bag and she just started bawling. She said we were her guardian angels because she didn’t have any toilet paper, and she was too embarrassed to ask for any. And that’s what we did it for.”

Glover and her friends and family delivered 700 care packages to people in need-- all because of an everyday hero who listened to the voice in her heart that told her to love thy neighbor.

Glover was presented with a plaque and gift card, courtesy of KTBS Everyday Hero sponsors, Bossier Federal Credit Union and Kilpatrick’s Rose-Neath Funeral Homes.


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