Dieter Neumann Every Day Hero

SHREVEPORT, La. - Dieter Neumann is a busy man. When he's not in the office at Automated Business Concepts in Shreveport, his sights are set on helping local veterans and organizations like Woody's Home for Vets and Warrior Horse.

"Dieter does this because he has a passion for vets. He does this unselfishly a lot of times with his money, our money and does so hours on end. Sometimes he's up until midnight or later and beats the streets getting donations. He's always behind the scenes, he's never out front doing this," said Paula Neumann, Dieter's wife.

Ronald "Doc" Key of Woody's Home for Vets said, "Dieter spent eight years in the Navy and is a true true patriot. I think what I love most about him is his heart. he's not wanting to promote anything and then the humility he displays. He's the one that contacted me seeking how can we help, instead of me having to knock on doors. He's just amazing!"

His tireless fundraising efforts are a noble cause for an "Every Day Hero." So, with the help of our sponsors from Bossier Federal Credit Union, Rose Neath Funeral Home, and Frank's Louisiana Kitchen we wanted to make it official.

As he walked outside, our sponsors congratulated him, saying "Dieter, you are our newest Every Day Hero!"

The award came as quite a shock to the former veteran, who told us he doesn't do it for the awards or the recognition.

Neumann told KTBS, "I just want to do what God has put me here to do. I'm getting a little emotional, but I'm a veteran myself and I just want to be able to help people."

The overwhelming support has come not only from the community, but also from members of the Disc Golf Community. Dieter told us he has no plans of slowing down the fundraising efforts for local veterans and is even setting his goals on the national stage.

"Without them, the sponsors, the volunteers, my wife and everybody that's involved it wouldn't be successful and we wouldn't be able to help Doc with Woody's or the Warrior Horse or the Women's Veteran Healthcare Program," added Neumann.

From all of us at KTBS, our sponsors, and many others, "congratulations Dieter!"

If you know someone who would make a great "Every Day Hero" make sure you nominate them. Go to, fill out the form and then watch KTBS News as we continue to showcase the amazing work these hard working folks of the ArkLaTex do every day to improve our community.


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