WASKOM, TEXAS - On a humid Friday afternoon in East Texas, most people walked around without their face mask as they entered a gas station in Waskom near the Texas border along I-20. 

Store cashiers were noticeably missing their face masks also. 

Patricia Lee, a Waskom resident, was one of those cashiers. 

"A lot of people come through and ask us, 'Why don't we have our masks on?'," Lee said. "And I'm like, you can't breath in them. And half of the people can't even hear us talking once we're wearing them. And we can't hear them talking."

Dwayne Hawkins, a retired Army veteran, made a quick stop for food while traveling to his home in Killeen, Texas. He says he noticed something about the staff.

"I walked out of the store," Hawkins said. "And the people that work in the store don't have their masks on yet. Hopefully, they get it on. And I'm not the odd person out." 


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