house fire

SHREVEPORT, LA- Shreveport Fire Department have ruled the house fire at the home on the 200 Block of Dalzell Street as undetermined.

The fire started at 3:30 am on Friday, and then reignited again at 10 am. A dozens units were on the scene that morning to control the fire.

Neighbors that KTBS spoke with say they have seen suspicious activity in the area.

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One neighbor said that he even saw someone light the house on fire from his home on Friday.

Shreveport Fire Department say they need the community help in solving this investigation.

"If they have seen anyone coming in or out of this property prior to each of the fires, if they would contact crime stoppers at 673-7373," assistant fire chief Fred Sanders said.

The fire department say they simply want information and you can remain anonymous in the process.


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