Skydive Louisiana

GILLIAM, La. - Gilliam is a quiet little town nestled in northern Caddo Parish. But Gilliam isn't so quiet at 10,000 feet. That’s because it’s the jumping off platform for Skydive Louisiana.   

If you’re searching around your bucket list for that next fun in the sun thing to do, check out a free fall from a mile high in the sky with a tandem jump.  Tandem jumps are where you’re just along for the ride while your jump instructor does all the work from opening the parachute to steering it safely to the ground.  

If you’re hooked after that first jump, you might want to make this sport your new weekend hobby. Good news, Skydive Louisiana has a class for that. It’s called Accelerated Free Fall or AFF. That’s the course that molds you into a regular weekend warrior skydiver. You learn everything from how to exit an airplane to how to fly your body through the air relative to other skydivers and you wrap up your course with learning the art of packing your own parachute. 

For more on this exhilarating sport/hobby, just contact Skydive Louisiana in Giliam at 318-Go-4-Jump. You can also click here connect with Skydive Louisiana's Facebook page.


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