SHREVEPORT, La.-- If you've been waiting for the perfect time to start a new business and perhaps you've been putting off pursuing a new venture because of the pandemic a Shreveport business consultant says don't wait any longer! In fact, the Shreveport native and career entrepreneur wants to help.

During the month of December, D.L. Lewis put $15,000 in free tuition into the community for those taking part in Elite School of Business.

She says she retired in 2017 but came out of retirement after seeing the need for a resource center. She opened her doors in 2021 and she wants people to know the doors at Elite School of Business are open and the school wants to help those who have dreams of running their own business.

“The opportunities are still here we are not ignoring the fact that we have many other things going on around us but just like it didn't stop me. I want it to motivate and encourage you. Our mission here is to help our city grow if I have to give you more than I receive I would rather do that,” said Lewis.

Lewis doesn't want financial challenges to keep anyone from getting started as a business owner. She says there's a lot of money out there. You just must know where to look and that's what she wants to show people to keep Shreveport thriving.


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