SHREVEPORT, La. - Amanda Felan, owner of Fat Calf Brasserie on Kings Highway, says it was difficult to shutdown her business on Saturday. She said an employee's possible exposure to COVID-19 is the reason. 

"We didn't know what the right thing to do was," Felan said. "It was a very hard decision, but ultimately we just had to think of the potential. Like, the worst case scenario, I guess. And just make the move to protect our staff and our customers."  

And so, she posted a message on social media informing customers about the closing on Saturday. 

Felan says the employee may have been exposed at a local brewery. 

Lindsay Nations, owner of Great Raft Brewery, said she's aware that her business could possibly be connected to all of this.

"June 15th, we were told by a contact tracer that one of our employees may have been exposed to COVID-19," Nations said. "Immediately, that employee quarantined and got tested.

Nations said she was updated on employee's status a few days later.

"We found out later on June 19th, that this person did, in fact, have COVID-19," Nations said. "So, we took the steps immediately to shut down the brewery. Both production and tasting room, to prevent any further spread and to have all of our employees tested."

Felan said the employee's test results should be known by Wednesday. 


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