Shreveport City Council 6/11/2019

NEW INFORMATION: Shreveport City Council votes to repeal 'saggy pants' ordinance by a vote of 6-1.

SHREVEPORT, La. - It's legal to have saggy pants in Shreveport again. The Shreveport City Council overwhelmingly repealed the ordinance that aimed to get young men to pull up their pants.

The 12 year old ordinance came back to the forefront after the death of Anthony Childs in February. He was sagging when a police officer chased him.

They wound up in a gun battle, and Childs died when, as the coroner ruled, he turned his own gun on himself. The ordinance passed in 2007 with the support of Mayor Cedric Glover as a matter of public decency.

Violators were threatened with fines of up to a hundred dollars and community service to get them to wear pants properly - not down below their rears to expose their underwear.

To no one's surprise, young black males made up almost all violations.

That led some, including District B Councilwoman Levette Fuller, to say the ordinance unfairly discriminated against blacks. She pushed for the repeal.

"We can't get that life back. But if you hear that someone lost their life in part because of something like this, that's very disturbing," Fuller said after the vote.

District E's James Flurry was the only vote against repeal. He said he followed the will of his constituents.

"I've always contended that we have a right -- not to tell people what to wear -- but we do have a a right as a community to set a standard."

Fuller says we already have other laws against indecency that can be enforced. The American Civil Liberties Union is also on the side of repeal saying the ordinance discriminates.

A lot of local governments across the country passed similar ordinances.

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