Shreveport Green

SHREVEPORT, La. - Shreveport Green has been selected, as a recipient of an Affiliate Program Grant by Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the State’s premier anti-litter and community improvement organization.

The $2,113 grant called “Shreveport Plastic-Free Challenge” will educate shoppers on the problems plastic bags cause, encourage better personal management of bags, and help consumers to reduce plastic bag waste. Improper disposal of plastic bags leads to: littered streets, lakes, and rivers; clogged storm drains; poisoning marine life and ultimately humans who consume seafood. The grant funds will be used to create awareness through the media, signage, and community outreach activities.

“Here in the south, we love our seafood, but too many plastic bags make their way into our lakes, rivers and into the ocean. The toxic chemicals leach out of the plastic and are often consumed by the seafood we enjoy. We have a stake in reducing plastic bag pollution! I’m excited about the opportunity to help citizens understand the issue and to give them information to make better choices”, says Casaundra Calloway, Shreveport Green’s Neighborhood and Education Program Director.

Volunteer support is needed to assist with some community engagement activities. Anyone interested in assisting with this project should contact Ms. Calloway at 219-1888x20 or

About Shreveport Green

Shreveport Green, established in March 1990 as 501(c)(3) non-profit, environmental agency, is dedicated to promoting a healthy, sustainable, and economically vital community through public outreach, community enhancement, and a specific respect for the natural and built environment.

About Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Keep Louisiana Beautiful, Inc. is the state’s premier ant-litter and community improvement organization focused on education, enforcement, awareness and cleanups. Affiliated with Keep America Beautiful, the Keep Louisiana Beautiful’s mission is to promote personal, corporate and community responsibility for clean and beautiful Louisiana. With a network of 40 affiliates in communities throughout the state, over 35,000 volunteers work toward a clean and beautiful Louisiana.


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