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A mother in Bossier City is now claiming negligence after her teenager was injured at Altitude Trampoline Park.

The accident happened Thursday, July 13th while Haley Hamiter(15) was at the trampoline park with friends. Haley was jumping in the foam pit area of the park when she does a double flip, and lands on her head before falling into the pit. An Altitude employee sees it and comes to her aide. "An employee was there within 15 seconds to assess the situation, monitor the accident that occurred and he did everything that he should have done," said Matt Beene, Altitude General Manager. 

Haley received 10 staples and was diagnosed with a concussion. Beene said the employee applied pressure to the wound and the bleeding was stopped in a matter of minutes, "I was fully talking to the child. She was fully conscious. We were having a conversation about different things asking her what happened, asking about her parents, were they there."

The teen's mother, Krystal Nelson, was called. She arrived in minutes and took her daughter to the doctor. Nelson, later criticized the park on Facebook for how the situation was handled and said a piece of metal was sticking out of the mat caused the cut. She's hired a lawyer.  

"Her head came into contact with a piece of metal structure that's between the trampoline and the foam pit,' said Zachary Shadinger, Attorney. 

Shadinger said to his knowledge, the metal was covered but not padded very well. Altitude disputed that, and said the teen was not following the rules that are posted in front of the foam pit. 

Both sides agreed that child safety is paramount,"One, the safety that should have been provided to my client's daughter, but also looking forward at other kids jumping there and that's one of our biggest concerns," said Shadinger.

Shadinger said Haley is still experiencing blurred vision, headaches and some bruising.

Management at Altitude Trampoline Park said they are satisfied with the rules they have in place and believe they have made it as safe as possible. 


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