fuller home

The two bedroom one bathroom home sits on the 600 block of Yarbrough Street in Bossier City, La.

(Bossier City, La.) -- From homeless to homeowners: a U.S. Army veteran and his wife are handed the keys to their first home - a freshly built, bright blue house.


It is the Fuller Center's 57th home, dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Combs, in honor of Melissa Rose Maggio and Molly Reed - two young women, both killed in car accidents.

To give back, Mrs. Combs tells KTBS-3 News the first thing she wants to do after moving in is create a garden in Molly's name.

molly reed

Molly Reed, 15, along with Emily Perdue and Katy Watkins, were killed in an automobile accident in DeSoto Parish in October 2006.  

"The older people that don't have enough money to buy fresh fruits and vegetables...I want to make it to where people can come out and just pick."

Rhonda and her husband work at Overton Brooks VA Medical Center.

They are one of the 56 other veteran and working families whom the Fuller Center of Northwest Louisiana has built homes for since 2005.


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