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Photo courtesy of Stage Center

If you are looking for a fun, creative way for your children to spend time this summer, Stage Center School of Performing Arts has summer camps coming up this month and in July.

The camps will be conducted in person. The facility will be continuously sanitized, and the teachers and students will practice social distancing.

According to Jared Watson, the producing artistic director for Stage Center, their camps not only teach kids performance skills, but life skills, as well.

"Our camps are a way to express yourself. It teaches empathy and how to be confident,” said Watson. “It teaches you how to work on a team."

Stage Center instructor Maddison Gilcrease agrees.

"I've seen so many kids go from being in their shell and not even be able to look someone in the eye. Then by the end of the camp or the end of the semester, they're able to stand up in front of their peers, their parents and their friends and say a line or sing a song, or do a dance," said Gilcrease.

The camps are for all children who may be interested, whether or not they have any theatre experience.

“That's one thing we are really passionate about. We love theatre and sharing theatre and teaching theatre. And we have all experience levels. And you have to start somewhere,” said Watson. “In all of our productions we say there's no experience necessary. There's a way that you can come, and you will learn how to do this. And obviously, the more you do it, the better you get."

Stage Center camps have various sessions for children ages 6 to 18. For more information, visit


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