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What does the library mean to me? The library, to me, isn't just a place, but it's a feeling. A feeling of adventure as you survive in the great wilderness (Hatchet). A feeling of everlasting bonds as you eat the poisonous berries together (The Hunger Games). A feeling of suspense as your house is put to the test by the Big Bad Wolf (The Three Little Pigs). A feeling of strength and power when you're down as you string the bow (The Odyssey). Finally, a feeling of victory as you're declared the winner of the town fair (Charlotte Web). All of these rollercoasters of emotions somehow kept tame in one place, the library. It can bring peace and joy as you escape the stressful world and engage in new territories filled with wonder. Especially in this complicated world we live in, it's refreshing to go somewhere else that brings us joy.

I remember the first book series that I really loved like it was yesterday. The Imaginary Veterinary, it was called, was about two kids that were able to travel between the fantasy and real-world through their apprenticeship under Dr. Woo. They encountered challenges and adventures they had never experienced before as they saved both the real and fantasy worlds from the monstrosity of mankind. Establishing the balance between the two worlds was key, and the kids served as the gateway. In a way, this story is closely related to the library because the library is the arch between the real world and the creativity of literature. As a result, the library allows me to tap into realities created by brilliant minds. It's also quite nostalgic to my younger self and shows my growth as I matured through the sections of the library.

The library is not only just books or a feeling, but it's a community. It's a community ranging from those who cannot afford to buy all the books they desire to those who want to explore the various sections for a book that will satisfy their taste. Often books and fantasy are topics of discussion when people are connecting. Because of this, relationships are established, and long-lasting bonds are created. The library is the place where these abstract ideas and alliances are forged. For me, some of my closest friendships formed because of our discussions of fiction books. The community created by the library is genuinely important to me and many others.

All in all, the place of wonders known as the library is special to me. It grants me the power to peer into worlds outside of my own as an escape from any stress or anxiety that I might feel. Life may be hard at times, but the library is always there as an outlet. It's also a gate between fiction and the real world to satisfy my desire for intriguing stories. This gateway is the constructor of communities with relationships that can last a lifetime.