BATON ROUGE, La- Only a week into early voting in Louisiana, already 676,284 people have cast their ballots according to the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Of those, 308,493 are Democrats, 252,813 are Republicans, and 114,978 are Independents.

By comparison, only 531,555 Louisianans early voted in the 2016 election. But 3,023,241 votes were cast in total by election day.

In Caddo and Bossier parishes, a combined total of 41,553 people have early voted.

Of those, 18,585 are Democrats, 16,569 are Republicans, and 6,399 are Independents.

Once again, these early voting numbers surpass the ones in the 2016 election. Only 28,359 people in Caddo and Bossier parishes early voted 4 years ago.

But a combined total of 157,151 votes were cast in Caddo and Bossier by election day in 2016.