FREEDOM is about more than just our rights. Our country was founded on dreams of Freedom, including religious freedom, and freedom of speech. Freedom means coming together in a bond of loyalty and trust with our neighbors, friends, and community. We protect and serve one another, share with one another, and sometimes give our own lives for one another. It’s all about FAITH, HOPE, and PATRIOTISM!

This year has been one of the most trying times our generations have ever experienced. Sacrifices have been made by everyone to ensure we pulled through the crisis. But, in these times, our true spirit and faith in God shine through.

KTBS is proud once again to bring you our Freedom Fest Series, celebrating God and Country. This year will be a time of appreciation to our essential workers, triumph over our trials, and a celebration like none other!

Starting Memorial Weekend with our annual Lifejacket Giveaway through our Freedom Fest Finale on July 4th, join us for one of the most unique and best years ever!

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Freedom Fest Headlines

Hope you enjoyed your July 4th holiday and our Freedom Fest Finale. We had to make some adjustments this year for obvious reasons but the show must go on.

TEXARKANA, Ark. - All eyes were to the sky for a spectacular fireworks show at the KTBS Freedom Fest Finale in Texarkana. The massive fireworks display was just one of eight fireworks shows broadcast on KTBS 3 News and KPXJ CW 21.

SHREVEPORT, La. - A weather pattern change threatens to bring Mother Nature's fireworks to the ArkLaTex on July 4th.  Here are the Freedom Fest Finale forecasts.

SHREVEPORT, La. - As we get ready to celebrate the birth of our country, we're also looking at some of the ways that make it great, like it's people.

SHREVEPORT, La. - More typical hot weather is expected for the long holiday weekend in the ArkLaTex and for the KTBS 3 Freedom Fest Finale, featuring a live fireworks show in eight locations. Look for a daily chance of isolated showers with heat index values above 100 degrees.

SHREVEPORT, La. - The fireworks show Saturday night for the KTBS 3 Freedom Fest Finale will have a captive audience as we celebrate our nation’s independence, but so could our weather as scattered showers and storms remain in the forecast during that time.

BLANCHARD, La. - Freedom Fest Fireworks will be on display across the ArkLaTex this upcoming 4th of July. As we celebrate our nation’s independence with fireworks in Blanchard, it looks like the skies may be giving up some scattered showers or storms as a coastal low moves our way from the east. 

SHREVEPORT, La. - Last week's soggy weather pattern shifts to a hotter and drier regime this week until the July 4th holiday.  Here is the forecast.

SHREVEPORT, La. - South Shreveport skies will be all lit up as fireworks burst in air as we celebrate our nation’s freedom. But that may not be all we’ll see in our South Shreveport skies. Some spotty areas of rain may follow.

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