The Independence of this country was founded on the desire for freedom in all areas of life, including religious freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom from certain laws in the old country, etc. Our foundation was Faith, Hope, and Patriotism to a new country, a new way of life. The challenges of recent months remind all of us that Faith in God, Hope for our Future, Patiotism, and Love for Our Country will help us survive this and any other crisis.

On Saturday, July 4th, we will celebrate Faith, Hope, and Partiotism like we’ve never celebrated before. We will have virtual entertainment, churches will have events for their area, and we will have more fireworks displays than we’ve ever had. Truly, it will be the largest fireworks display in the ArkLaTex with multiple locations for fireworks. You can watch on TV, or drive your car to an area where you can see the fireworks light up the skies. Maybe you’ll have a picnic in the car, then step outside and watch the fireworks while practicing social distancing.

Leading up to July 4th, we’ve asked area minsters to offer a message of Faith, Hope, and Patriotism that will provide inspiration and encouragement to our viewers.

Between now and July 4th, we will show those uplifting messages on KTBS/KPXJ, then post them on our website, for all to see. Lifting people up with words of Faith, Hope, and Patriotism will not only help us continue to cope with COVID-19, but those encouraging words will also get us excited for the celebration of July 4th.

Join us in celebrating July 4, our Independence, as we celebrate Faith, Hope, and Patriotism.

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