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Cheryl wants her son to "rescue turtles" when he gets older.

The former Girls Aloud star has two-year-old son Bear with her ex-boyfriend Liam Payne, and has said she won't be pushing the tot to follow in his parents' musical footsteps, as she'd much rather see him travel to Barbados to become an "earth boy" who helps to save the planet.

Speaking on RuPaul's podcast, 'RuPaul: What's the Tee?', she said: "We don't check in enough. Intuition. I'm preparing him. I hope he becomes an earth boy rescuing turtles in Barbados. You look at every child star and they're all f***ed up. Name me two who aren't, you'll struggle to find them."

Cheryl, 36, is also starting to get her son interested in meditation, after finding an app called Insight Timer that has a specialised section for children.

She added: "I like to meditate, I actually use an app called Insight Timer. I really love it.

"And recently the updated version has a kids section so it reads stories to my little boy, he's two. I put it on for bed, sometimes the woman tells him to breathe in and breathe out and he goes, 'ahhh', it's super cute. So I've already got him onto that."

The brunette beauty also spoke about her time as a member of the 'Love Machine' hitmakers, where she admitted she and her band mates lacked communication.

Asked why girl groups tend to split, she said: "I think you're super young - you're on the road together.

"You can't have time to grow as a woman on your own and at some point in your life you realise you need that and you need to figure out who you are without these girls.

"I honestly think one of the biggest problems with us is that we didn't communicate our feelings so everything was bubbling all the time, instead of being spoken about and we kept quiet.

"As a grown 36-year-old woman, we should have said what we didn't like. I don't think you're equipped at that age to deal with the emotions that you create to then be able to communicate with each other."

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