Mandatory self-quarantine for travelers from New Orleans to Texas

Gov. Abbott briefing

AUSTIN, Texas - Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Thursday updated the state's efforts to fight the spread of the COVID-19.

Abbott said there are 18 deaths from COVID-19,  100 patients in hospitals being treated and 1,420 active cases. 

He said increased testing is the key to slowing the spread of the COVID-19. The governor mentioned private medical facilities that are now contributing to testing. There is also expected to be an increase in drive-thru testing.

Abbott addressed the state and pledge a massive increase in masks and other medical supplies for Texas hospitals. He has not issued a state-wide "stay-at-home" order, and instead is leaving that decision to individual cities and counties. He did, however, acknowledge there has not been the level of compliance with those cities orders that he would like to see.


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