Shreveport water bill

SHREVEPORT, La. -- A Caddo District Court judge has granted partial approval of an almost $6 million settlement for overcharges of Shreveport water and sewer bills. 

Caddo Parish District Court Judge Michael Pitman last week  issued a ruling granting preliminary approval of the partial settlement. The $5.9 million settlement comes after three years of litigation and more recent negotiations between counsel representing the lawsuit class and attorneys for the city of Shreveport.

The settlement partially resolves the issue of “rounding” of residential customers’ average winter consumption (“AWC”) on their sewer bills, which is one of a few issues present in the class action lawsuit.

The hearing date to finalize the settlement is set for Nov. 12 at the First Judicial District Court in Shreveport. There, class members will have the opportunity to object or otherwise appear to be heard about the settlement.

Class members will be receiving in the mail a notice of the partial settlement, along with additional information about the partial settlement. A website and toll-free phone number will also be included on that notice to provide class members and the public with additional information.

The notices will be mailed out in the next 30 days.

The website for additional class information is, and is scheduled to launch in early August.

The question of damages on the other parts of the residential class action — since the District Court already found in favor of the class on liability — is set for trial Oct. 20.

Jerald R. Harper and Anne E. Wilkes of the Harper Law Firm are representing the class and have been engaged in settlement negotiations and representation of the class members.


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