COUSHATTA, La. – The Red River Parish district attorney has asked sheriff’s deputies to re-open its investigation into two suicides at the Ware Youth Center.

The Red River deputies began investigating in February after two teens being held at Ware hanged themselves to death within 72 hours of one another. Investigators turned their report over to District Attorney Julie Jones in March.

Jordan Bachman was 17 years old. Solan Peterson had just turned 13.

Ware houses juvenile offenders awaiting adjudication in multiple parishes across northwest Louisiana.

“I have some questions I need answered. There are more people that need to be talked to,” said Jones, adding she needs more information before deciding whether to file criminal charges in connection to the suicides.

A preliminary report from the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services found protocol violations at Ware leading up to both deaths, including regular checks not being performed by guards.

One Ware guard was placed on administrative leave. Another stopped showing up for work.

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