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SHREVEPORT, La. – Sixteen people allege a myriad of claims, including excessive use of force, false arrest and malicious prosecution, in a lawsuit filed Tuesday against 18 Shreveport police officers who responded to a Mother’s Day 2019 street brawl in the Weiner Park neighborhood.

Police Chief Ben Raymond and the city of Shreveport are also named as defendants.

Other allegations in the 32-page lawsuit include unreasonable detention, failure to supervise, failure to intervene and illegal entry and destruction of property.

The complaints stem from a May 12, 2019 incident in which Shreveport police initially responded to a domestic situation at one household in the 2000 block of DeVaughn Street. Family members celebrating the holiday across the street reported the disturbance and later unwillingly found themselves involved in what turned into a melee.

Dozens of police officers got involved. Four people from the family that reported the domestic disturbance ended up being arrested. The grand jury declined to indict them so the charges were dismissed.

A Caddo grand jury, however, indicted two of the officers – Cinterrica Mosby, with malfeasance in office, and Cpl. Phillip Tucker, with simple battery.

Both pleaded not guilty. Their cases are pending in Caddo District Court.


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Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are husband and wife Willie Fred Green Sr. and Viola Green, Cynthia Davis, Antoine L. Hardeman, Linda Lefall, husband and wife Javon B. Tyler and Denise Tyler, Brenda Walker, husband and wife Rosiland and Johnnie Young, Torell Lewis, Relisa Jackson on behalf of her minor children Brayden Love and Carissa Young, Frances Allen and George Allen, Danelle McKnight and Calvin Jackson.

Johnnie Young and Javon Tyler are also SPD officers, but were off-duty and attempted to intervene before the four citizens were arrested.

The defendants and any additional complaints lodged against them include:

  • Officer Tyler Asher
  • Officer L. Berry, used excessive force upon multiple plaintiffs.
  • Officer Tyler Cheney, used excessive force upon multiple plaintiffs, including hitting Torell Lewis in the face with a closed fist and falsely arrested him.
  • Capt. Rene Davis, failed to supervise her officers on the scene, failed to investigate and did not obtain statements from Tyler and Young.
  • Officer Davis (first name not included), used excessive force upon multiple plaintiffs.
  • Officer S. Holmes, caused the use of excessive force and false arrests.
  • Officer Jamison, placed Viola Green in his unit without probable cause for arrest.
  • Officer D’Marea Johnson, used excessive force on Antoine Hardeman by continually hitting him with a closed fist without cause.
  • Officer C. McConnell, used excessive force on Viola Green by hitting her with a closed fist and by putting Hardeman in a headlock and punching him with a closed fist.
  • Officer C. Mosby, was the primary officer for the initial incident across the street. Her reaction to Johnnie Young was to pull a taser on him. Mosby further falsely reported Cynthia Davis struck her, which led to the entire incident.
  • Officer Clemmie Porter, slammed off-duty Officer Javon Tyler to the ground even after being told he was an officer and used excessive force on Torell Lewis.
  • Officer Brandon Ross, used excessive force on Cynthia Davis.
  • Officer A. Sauseda, used excessive force on Viola Green.
  • Officer Marlon Clark, used excessive force on Willie Green and failed to render medical treatment after he exhibited signs of having difficulty breathing.
  • Sgt. K.S. Strickland, failed to supervise his officers and maintain control of the scene, did not implement a plan with his officers to gain control, used excessive force with his baton on several plaintiffs and ordered his K-9 to bite Hardeman.
  • Officer Phillip Tucker, violated policy by bringing a K-9 dog into a uncontrolled crowd and released the dog on Hardeman when he was already subdued by four police officers.
  • Officer S. Carrington, assaulted Hardeman.
  • Officer Clifton James, kicked Hardeman after he was bitten by the K-9.
  • Chief Ben Raymond, retaliated against Tyler and Young for exercising their First Amendment Rights.

The defendants have not been served with the lawsuit. 

Read the complete lawsuit here.


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