3 SPD officers sworn in to testify Sept. 9, 2020

Three officers who were fired were sworn in to testify, along with SPD Chief Raymond, when they appealed their firings to the civil service board on Sept. 9. (File photo)

SHREVEPORT, La. -- One of three Shreveport police officers fired for forging sick leave forms and getting paid when they were not ill – then reinstated by the civil service board on appeal – has been fired again by Police Chief Ben Raymond. Two others have received back pay retroactive to their suspensions and have resigned.

Officer Rickey Daughtrey was fired Tuesday.

Former officers LaDarious Ford and Deonquanita Smith resigned effective Thursday and received back pay to when they were suspended in May.

A Police Department investigation concluded that, early in the coronavirus outbreak this past spring, five healthy officers decided to start taking paid sick leave. Investigators said the officers created bogus doctor’s excuse forms, including some from a clinic that was closed. In addition to the three officers who were fired, two resigned.

Daughtrey, Ford and Smith appealed their firings. The Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board, which has civilian members and representatives from the police and fire departments, voted 4-2 last month to overturn the firings. The board also ordered the three reinstated with back pay to when they were initially suspended without pay on May 27. Some board members said the officers deserved to be fired but the police chief made “procedural” errors by suspending them without pay and then firing them, thereby imposing two disciplinary actions.

The disciplinary process was reintroduced and Daughtrey was fired again. Raymond would not discuss the reasons cited for firing Daughtrey this time, saying it was a personnel matter and that another appeal was expected.

No criminal charges were filed against any of the officers. Caddo District Attorney James Stewart took the position it was a personnel matter, not a crime. Raymond disagreed, saying the officers ought to be prosecuted for theft and forgery. One of the officers had been submitting fraudulent doctor’s excuses since 2018 and had received more than $9,000 in sick pay, investigators said.   


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