Cpl Phillip Tucker SPD

SHREVEPORT, La. - 3-Investigates continues to look into what happened on Mother's Day in the 2500 block of Devaughn street in Shreveport.

Yesterday, we told you about the criminal charges against two Shreveport police officers.

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They were among 49 officers at what started as a domestic disturbance call but prosecutors say turned into a "street brawl."

We showed you what happened when the police dog was released on 21 year old Torrel Lewis who was being detained.

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Today, we want you to hear what happened before Cpl Phillip Tucker arrived on the scene minutes after dispatch told all units to slow down because no more officers were needed.

Tucker decides goes anyway.

Here's a listen.

This is not the first time tucker's actions on the job have come under scrutiny. In October 2013, Tucker shot and killed a man, reportedly suffering from a medical condition, who was outside of a home armed with a knife. The man's mother sued claiming Tucker used excessive force. He was on the scene for about two minutes before firing his weapon.

A court dismissed the suit, saying Tucker reasonably believed the man was a danger.


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