5 vehicles stolen early Monday, one recovered

Caddo Deputies on the scene at an apartment complex on Centre Drive where a stolen 2023 Chevrolet Camaro was recovered. 

SHREVEPORT, La. – Five new vehicles were stolen in the middle of the night from a railroad yard in west Shreveport. By late Monday afternoon one car had been recovered after OnStar located and disabled the vehicle.

That 2023 grey Chevrolet Camaro was located by Caddo sheriff's deputies at the Centre Crossing Apartments on Centre Drive near Financial Plaza. Investigators fingerprinted and processed the vehicle.

Caddo sheriff's deputies and Union Pacific police were on scene as part of the investigation.

A second stolen vehicle, a blue Dodge Charger, was spotted as police arrived. Police said the driver of the car sped away and they were not able to catch up with it.

The theft occurred about 1 a.m. Monday morning at the Union Pacific railyard on Bert Kouns Industrial Loop. That’s where new cars are taken off trains and trucked to local dealerships.

A source tells KTBS four cars and a truck were taken last night, including two 2023 Dodge Chargers, a Dodge Challenger and the Camaro. The thieves also stole a truck and used it to ram the gate of the facility then ditched it after getting the other cars out.

Investigators believe at least five people were involved. And it happened while security was on duty.

Investigators late Monday were still trying to figure out how the thieves got into the yard since it is fenced and the fence is topped with razor wire.

The source tells KTBS this is an ongoing problem, estimating there have been about seven to eight break-ins this year at this location. Prior to that, crime had not been an issue at the railyard, according to the source.

And what is further disturbing, police said, is of the vehicles will have to be totaled, a loss of close to $200,000.


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