Youree Drive and Bert Kouns rolling gun battle scene

SHREVEPORT, La. -- A 17-year-old arrested in a Sept. 4 shootout in south Shreveport that left one young teen dead and three others injured will be prosecuted as an adult, KTBS has learned. 

The Caddo District Attorney's Office said Ikerryunta Stewart is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 13-year-old Kelvonte Daigre and eight counts of attempted first-degree murder of eight other people, including three younger youths ages 5, 15 and 16. 

At least seven of the eight attempted first-degree murder victims were innocent bystanders merely waiting for the red light to change or otherwise traveling through the intersection of Youree Drive and Bert Kouns.

Assistant District Attorney Jerry Deason Jr. presented evidence in a continued custody hearing in Caddo Juvenile Court on Monday. In addition to the murder and attempted murder charges, the hearing also resulted in illegal use of a dangerous weapon and resisting an officer with force or violence charges.

The deadly shooting started on Millicent Way near Cinemark Tinseltown and extended into the nearby intersection of Youree Drive and Bert Kouns. There, several drivers and their occupants sitting at the red light narrowly escaped being injured when the armed gunmen in two cars continued their rolling gun battle in the stopped traffic. At least five cars were hit, and bullets also pierced the windows of Willis-Knighton Pierremont Hospital. 

The decision to prosecute the 17-year-old as an adult comes after District Attorney James Stewart announced he was also doing the same with Nikolas Brown Jr., another 17-year-old accused in a separate homicide. Brown is charged in the Sept. 7 slaying of LaDerrick Grant, 19.

The D.A. said a provision of Louisiana Children’s Code Article 305 allows a district attorney to transfer jurisdiction of certain juvenile offenders age 15 or older to District Court. The grand jury will review both cases. 

The state contends that Brown was involved in an altercation with another male in the 6700 block of Jefferson-Paige Road, ending in a shootout that resulted in the death of Grant, a bystander. Police said the two argued over a social media post. 

A conviction of second-degree murder is a mandatory life sentence. 


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