SHREVEPORT, La. -- When it comes to the spring and summer months ahead at Sci-Port, you could say they're getting ready to ramp things up a bit.

"Things are going fantastic, especially during the pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic we had to close down for two months and had to re-open in June of last year. Things were definitely slow in the beginning," said Ian Summers, Sci-Port marketing director. 

Ian Summers

Ian Summers

But what could be done to get the education going again inside this large learning facility?

It hasn't been easy for Executive Director Diana Clark and her team. For the last six months Sci-Port has been under strict Covid-19 guidelines and operating on a 50% capacity limit.

"We have 92,000 square feet and we're very careful to maintain the social distancing, masks are required, temperatures are required," said Clark.

Keeping the right temperatures isn't so much of a problem for those slithering behind glass and pandemic or not, the team at Sci-Port is making sure the learning never stops and they have a solid plan for the future. They're keeping it hands-on, but with a digital twist.

Sci-Port KTBS set

"We are already on the uphill side of this battle. We are seeing people come back," said Summers as he showed off some of the new exhibits.

Another popular spot this season inside SciPort is the KTBS 3 Weather exhibit.

"Sno-Port" was also a big success. The collaboration between engineering professionals and artists was so popular it stayed frozen until mid-February.

Sci-Port has also taken it's learning on-line. Many of the exhibits can be explored with just the click of a mouse.

Diane Clark

Diane Clark

"We're looking into creating more on-line learning and revitalizing our YouTube Channel to increase our outreach and things like that. We still have those outreach things here so we're creating activities that you can do from home as well," said Summers.

Sci-Port also recently launched a new interactive program involving local inmates. Every Tuesday and Thursday their family members can show up at the learning and virtually discuss a number of topics.

So parents, teachers, or anyone looking for something a little different, Sci-Port will be the spot for in the months ahead.

"Sci-port Discovery Center has been selected by the Board of Regents to become this region's STEM Center. It's the Northeast Innovative STEM Center. We are just thrilled that we will be one of those nine," added Clark.


To learn more about the events and exhibits on tap for 2021, check out Sci-Port's website.