Angel Works at Holy Angels

Angels working on Ellerbee Road in south Shreveport. Yep, it's true!

"I do sewing. Sometimes do ceramics and just a lot of stuff," said Amy Waites, Holy Angels resident.

"I like working in ceramics, it's working with clay and you paint and all that," said Maranda Sloan, another Holy Angels resident.

Both are involved with Angel Works on the campus of Holy Angels in Shreveport.

"This is their work everyday, it's their job, it's a place for them to be and something for them to do and they get to do it with their peers," said Melissa Ricou, director of business development.

"Angel Works is comprised of five different enterprises. There's business services which includes our shredding services and our paper collating packaging department. We also have creative arts which is a lot of what happens in the Angel Works building and that's the sewing, the jewelry making, the pottery, the crafts all of that. We also have culinary arts and that's our cookies, our lasagna, our biscotti and we now have a special treat for the puppies in our lives called buddy bites," said Kirsten Powers, director of development.

They also have a horticulture enterprise and Holy Rhino coffee, which is a partnership with local coffee company Rhino Coffee. It's easy to see the impact this program is having on these precious lives.

"Being around nice people. People like Tara and Nathan. I just have so much fun," said Waites

"I love my friends and all of the people here," said Sloan

About a 100 people involved in the creative process at Angel Works which began in its current form back in 2010.

And, it's more than just what you see in person. This is a program that gets some people ready for even more opportunities.

"I'm gonna go to a gift shop downtown and I wait for people who want to buy stuff and show them around all over the gift shop area," said Sloan.

"Some individuals that are served through Angel Works will work through our job training program and then through our supportive employment program they are able to be placed into jobs in the community," said Powers

If you'd like to check out some Angel Works there are four different gift shops around the area where you can buy them and support Holy Angels. There's one on the Holy Angels Campus, one in Grand Cane at Southern Thoughtfulness, one in Shreveport at Kings Antiques and one at the Antique Shoppes at 1100 Barksdale.


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