It's the stuff legends are made of but many are adamant that big foot is real. And last weekend in Jefferson Texas, there was a conference on nothing but......

They walk on their hind legs. They walk like us. They walk on their legs basically. They walk on their feet. And they leave impressions. And so when people stumble across these, they say, man thats a big foot. And that's kinda how the name happened back in 1958. They said, whoa, that's a big foot. So they called the creature bigfoot.

The Seventennth Annual Texas Big Foot Conference was held this past weekend.

Officially, this is a Star Wars costume. I'm actually a Wookie. And I'm pretending to be a sasquatch. Grrr!

Tanya Knight came in from Burleson to learn more about big foot, inlcuding the now famous footage showing an alleged bigfoot.

I think the most interesting thing I've learned so far, about the Patterson-Gimley film, is about how the bi-peedal break is in the foot. I think that really sets apart if you're actually out looking and trying to understand footprints that you might see, to notice that arched foot print is really unique. And sets apart any other footprint that is made.

Others, like Lyle Blackburn, were here as specialists in the big foot field.

I've interviewed a number of credible witnesses over the years that have very solid sightings that suggest that something could in fact live in the Caddo Lake area and Marion County in general.

And so Jefferson is in the middle of bigfoot country. This 17th year of the anniversary included speakers and more.

Bigfoot trinkets. Sasquatch footprint casts. And all matter of big footery here.

Craig is the host and organizer of the Texas Bigfoot Conference. He caught his own glimpse of big foot over twenty years ago.

About eleven thirty at night. On highway seventy-one. We were approaching a town called Bunkie Louisiana.

In the headlights of my car we saw a large figure walking on two legs covered with hair.

Some of the evidence being presented today is excellant eyewittness accounts of what people encountered in the woods in Texas. And the general south area.

Big Foot Researcher, Cliff Barackman defines this creature called bigfoot.

Sasquatches are usually described as man-like humanoids, sort of things, covered in hair, ranging from about six to eight feet tall.

He says many sightings have occured right here in the south.

Most of the sightings here in the south happen along river ways. Southeast Texas for example is a very very wet area. The Sabine River. The border of Louisiana. All these areas hold sasquatches because they hold habitats.

So far the genuine big foot has been a little elusive.

The fact that we don't have a physical specimen of the creature, obviously is a problem.

There's probably only a few thousand of them continent wide. Few thousand sounds like a lot. But continent wide, man. That would make it one of the rarest species anywhere.

They're faster than us. They're better in the woods than us. And they're probably six to twelve times stronger than us. In fact, how do you catch a thing that's almost as smart as us, that has hands. It'll be next to impossible.

This may explain whyy big foot researchers and authors have claimed even one physical encounter.

I've had one sighting through a thermal imager in north carolina in Youarwey National Forest. However, just because I laid my eyes on one time, doesn't mean I haven't encountered them before.

I've never had a sighting where i can definitivley say it was a bigfoot.

When I was in Southern Arkansas in a bayou, and heard a very very strange howl by myself and another guy while we were in a canoe, out there. And, it occured in intervals of about fourty-five seconds and happened three times in almost. It was unexplainable. Almost a primate like howl.

Ideas and stories were shared at the conference but real evidence or verified encounters have been documented ... To date.

Cliff also says if you're outdoors and smell something he describes as skunky or wet dog like....whatch out....big foot foot may be close. For more information on big foot just go to k-t-b-s dot com and click on the link to this story.


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