Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw speaks to the media.

RUSTON, La. - "This is my university. I graduated here. I worked hard here. Nobody gave me anything."

Louisiana Tech athletics has a rich tradition. At this year's spring graduation, the Bulldogs welcomed one of the all-time greats, Terry Bradshaw back to campus to deliver the commencement speech.

"I was kind of the low man on the totem pole today when they were coming through with all those degrees. Although, I did match the Summa Cum Laude gal, whatever she was, 3.7. I told them I had a 3.65 and everybody laughs. It's cumulative when you add up all four years, 3.65. Isn't that how you do it? I'm a pretty sharp guy myself."

While his accomplishments on the football field have outshined those in the classroom, the four-time Super Bowl winner is making sure his stories are always remembered in Ruston.

"Reason my football memorabilia is here. I don't have anything else. That's there for the athletes to show them that you can go to a school that's not LSU that's not Notre Dame."

Just as the Bulldogs will never forget Bradshaw, the city of Ruston is always on his mind.

"I really love this place. I feel like there's kind of a part of me that really has missed out on a lot of joy in life by not moving here and staying here."

Bradshaw now spends his days on FOX, talking about the NFL, but always has his eyes on his former team.

"One of the things I'm so proud of here at Tech is our boys love it. They're not afraid of anybody. That to me is just like the coolest thing. Let's lock it up, let's load it up, let's get out on the field. That means a lot to me. There's a lot of fight here. No fear factor and I love that."


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