Flipping houses

SHREVEPORT, La. - Nick and Elizabeth McElhatten are the Chip and Joanna Gaines of the ArkLaTex.

When it comes to flipping houses, the couple has made quite the name for themselves. However, the dynamic duo are not copy cats. In fact, they didn't even know who Chip and Joanna were when they started. 

"Our first house that we bought, we flipped," Elizabeth McElhatten said.

That is how the couple started their business 13 years ago. After seeing how well they were able to transform their own home they knew they could do it for others and it was not just about making a profit. 

"Shreveport is such a good area. These houses around here are so beautiful. They have great lots and so much character," she said. "If we keep building our city too far out what is going to happen is, these houses are going to be vacant and this side of town is going to start to die. You see that in commercial real estate. They start building new properties when we have vacant ones."

In the past five years, Shreveport has seen many new developments go up. A majority of those are in the southeastern part of the city.

In recent weeks, a few developers, professionals and some residents in those areas have talked about trying to break ties with the greater city of Shreveport. That is why the McElhattens are focused on preserving already established neighborhoods like Broadmoor, South and North Highland, Spring Lake and many more.

And since many of the homes they work on were built with solid materials, it makes their job a whole lot easier. Today, they have gutted, remodeled and revamped 14 homes. 

The couple may not be on HGTV, but they have hired their own film crew to document every aspect of their work which they post on their YouTube channel. The channel has served mainly as a selling tool. 

"When we are done we have people that are interested in it," said Nick McElhatten.

"People around usually end up using us for other projects whether it's landscaping or fixing a bathroom in their house or tearing down sheds," Elizabeth McElhatten said.

And they say neighbors appreciate what they are doing, beautifying neighborhoods and maintaining local property values. 

To contact the couple, click here.


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