In mid-March, Louisiana Tech was preparing for spring football, but seniors Kody Russey and Ezekiel Barnett say the team would soon face what athletes across the country had to experience.

"It's been crazy. We were sitting there in the meeting room right before spring ball is about to start and they told us to go home and we all thought it would be a two week thing, we'd be back practicing football and it ended up being a three month thing so we had to really adjust to everything," said Russey.

"We had to deal with it and it was reality at a certain point. We didn't know we would be here today (and) how bad it could get. but we're here and I'm thankful for that," added Barnett.

Russey represents a senior class that lost an important part of their final year in Ruston, which he says will be hard to replace, "All of us, it's our last go-round. We can get all this work in by ourselves and all that, but nothing's the same as live reps out there, coach calling a play, the defense lining up (in) whatever formation they're in, you can't replicate that during the summer."

Barnett adds that off the field interactions have an important role as well, "That's really what you miss. Football, that comes, but I feel like lifetime, after all this is said and done I'm going to miss those things and not being able to do that, a part of me was missing because I'm a senior and this is my last year."

Head coach Skip Holtz hopes to begin on the field work sometime this summer and believes the Bulldogs have plenty to gain,"Learning is part of the equation. Actually going out on the field and getting the reps and being able to process the information quickly is the game of football. That's what I'm excited to do is have the opportunity to get this team out on the field."

Wednesday, the NCAA Division I Council approved the six week college football preseason program that will see mandatory workouts kick off as early as July 6.  The Bulldogs are still set to kick off the season at UNLV on September 5.


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