Luke Bogan set several school records as Northwood's quarterback, but without any Division-I offers, he was taking a different route.

"I had planned to go to BPCC (Bossier Parish Community College) to play baseball because I didn't really have any football things that I wanted to go to."

That is until a former Falcons teammate intervened.

"I had really given up on the football deal and then one of my teammates that went to ULL, Cory Marshall, he called me and said that one of their coaches wanted to call me and talk to me about playing. I called him (the coach) and then they told me they had a spot open for me and that same day I told him that I was coming."

Marshall was among a number of Northwood players to go D-I and head coach Austin Brown says he and former head coach Jim Gatlin tried their best for Bogan, "We felt like we hadn't done our job. I haven't stopped trying to sell him the past three, four months when they (recruiters) called about Cameron Foster, Terrence Cook and Jamaria Bailey recruiting my kids now."

Bogan joins the Ragin Cajuns as a preferred walk-on, which draws comparisons to current Cleveland Browns starter Baker Mayfield and the time he was a walk-on at Texas Tech.

Brown: "That's actually one thing me and Luke have in common is our love for Baker Mayfield. Me as an Oklahoma fan and him as a undersized, undervalued quarterback."

Bogan: "Like, a lot of my teammates would compare me to him because we're both kind of smaller in [a] football sense, but we're both very competitive."

Fighting for the starting job will be hard in Lafayette, but just getting the opportunity is more than enough.

"I was hitting and throwing the baseball everyday and when I got the call about ULL I was so glad to put the bat up and pick up the football again, but it's been very refueling. Shoot, I feel like I haven't played football in two years and every time I get to go out and throw the ball it just makes me excited."

As for rewarding his buddy Cory Marshall for getting the attention of Cajuns coaches?

"Yeah, I owe him. It'll work out good. I'll probably take him out to dinner or something."


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