Mayor Adrian Perkins

Despite some clashes with the City Council in his young administration, Shreveporters give Mayor Adrian Perkins an average grade of B.

Is Mayor Adrian Perkins making the grade? Or have his first 100 days ended like a bad honeymoon? We put some questions to Shreveporters for our exclusive KTBS-SurveyUSA poll.

When we asked Shreveporters what letter grade they'd give Perkins, he gets mostly A's and B's. The A's were 22%, and the B's were 31%.

As for the rest, 21% give him C's, 10% D's, and 5% F's.

Despite poor polling results on the big issues the Mayor has moved on that we reported here on Thursday -- like the Airport Authority, insurance switching, and garbage fees -- Mayor Perkins has an average grade of B.

"I think the mayor is still in the honeymoon period," says political analyst Scott Hughes. "I think people want to trust the mayor. They're not sure yet. But they're still giving him the benefit of the doubt."

When I hit the streets for an unscientific survey, no one wanted to go on camera to criticize the new mayor. Even when Dianne Gatschenberger graded off for the Airport Commission controversy, saying, "Maybe he needs to reconsider," she gives Perkins a B.

Others explained why they give Perkins a top grade.

"I probably say A- because his effort his tremendous," said Cherry Rison.

Said Randolph Smith, "I'd give him an A. I really would. I think he was dealt a bad hand. And I think he's doing a great job."

And from Marybeth McVie, "Right now it would be an A. But he has a lot on his plate and I wish him well."

Back to our scientific poll, we found that Perkins scored highest among younger adults, independents, those with lower household incomes, and those without a 4-year college degree.

He scored the lowest with older respondents, college graduates, and those with higher incomes, and not surprisingly -- those who voted for former Mayor Ollie Tyler.

"You start to see there's a part of the city that seems to be willing to support the mayor. There's a part of the city that's not going to support the mayor," Hughes says.

The polls shows 20% believe Shreveport is more united under Mayor Perkins, while 14% say it's more divided. Most people -- 60% -- say it's about the same.

Nearly half of residents say the mayor has met their expectations so far -- 45%. A third -- 33% --say he hasn't.

And on the issue of trust, about a third said they completely trusted the mayor going in, and almost half said they trusted him only somewhat. Those trust numbers after Perkins' first 100 days are nearly the same.

Mayor Perkins, through his spokesman, did not comment on our poll results. But his administration put together their own '100 Days Report' and posted it here on the mayor's Facebook page.

The KTBS-SurveyUSA poll interviewed 500 Shreveport adults April 3-5 by phone or other device. Our results have margin of error of plus or minus 7 percent.


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