Early voting continues in the state of louisiana. We checked out a couple locations today to see how things were going and KTBS 3's T.W. Starr went through the process at one polling location to see how long it would take.

"We're the positive bunch! It is good to wait for it....cause it makes it feel like it's worth something," said a Caddo Parish voter.

Spirits were high..... and lines were extremely long on day 2 of early voting in Caddo Parish.

"How long have you been in line? An hour, going on 2 almost," said a Caddo Parish voter.

But, even with a 2 hour wait for most of these folks positive attitudes we're everywhere.

"It's good, it's awesome....people are really taking it seriously," said a Caddo Parish voter.

"It's absolutely worth it," said a Caddo Parish voter.

"We've only been waiting for about 2 hours so its been great!," said a Caddo Parish voter.

Even with all the positive vibes on Marshall Street, down Texas Street and wrapped around Edwards Street......the overwhelming consensus from the hundreds and hundreds of people lined up for early voting is that Caddo Parish needs to do better.

"We need more places to vote, it would be a lot better," said a Caddo Parish voter.

"I think they really need 2 more. One in the north, one in the south and this one," said a Caddo Parish voter.

"I was thinking about that while we were standing in line. How awesome would it be if we could have at least 3 different locations," said a Caddo Parish voter.

Over in Bossier there was about 15 to 20 people in line when I arrived. But, the only way to really know how long it takes, is to go through the process.

I can take next voter in line!

Everything going well so far? Everything is going well, thank you for asking.

"I have now cast my ballot and from the time I got in line until I was in the voting booth, it took approximately 8 minutes."

There's 2 early voting locations in Bossier Parish, the Central Library in Bossier City and the courthouse in Benton. The Registrar of Voters in Bossier is very pleased with how things are going so far.

"I feel like it's gone great, because actually from numbers that I have seen from past presidential elections.....we broke a record yesterday, the most we've ever had in one day. Both locations together 2,395 in person early voting folks. When you don't get complaints about waiting too long, I feel like we've done a great job," said Stephanie B. Agee, Registrar of Voters Bossier Parish.

Back over in Caddo the issue of more places to vote early is not going away anytime soon......

"I know it was on the Commission's agenda to vote for it and it didn't pass, but hopefully they'll see the need that....you know we shouldn't be standing in lines out here this long. It is worth it, but the lines are just too long," said a Caddo Parish voter.

Remember, polls are open from 8am till 7pm each day, during the early voting period---except Sundays, through October 27.


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