SHREVEPORT, La. - Louisiana has seven statewide constitutional amendments on the ballot. KTBS 3 is On Your Side and knows you have questions about what each one means.

KTBS 3 Chief Political Reporter Jeff Beimfohr tells us about Amendment 1 which deals with abortion.

It asks: "Do you support an amendment declaring that to protect human life a right to abortion and the funding of abortion shall not be found in the Louisiana Constitution?"

A vote for would state that nothing in the constitution protects a right to abortion. A vote against would leave the constitution with no specific language on abortion.

KTBS 3 Political Analyst Jeremy Alford gives his take on Amendment 1.

"This is particularly interesting amendment, particularly from a drafting perspective because the amendment was drafted to make sure nothing in the Louisiana Constitution provides the right to an abortion or can provide public funding for an abortion. But what's interesting is, if this amendment passes next month, and I think it will, I think it will pass by a healthy margin, nothing will happen. Nothing in the Constitution will change. The only way this language in the Constitution would be triggered is if there's an overturn of Roe v. Wade, which of course is a landmark federal case," Alford said.

"Even that has some interesting questions around it right now, because of course we're going through the nomination process for our new Supreme Court Justice. The presidency is on the line, literally, so there are a lot of questions around these landmark cases and what a new Supreme Court might do and should the Supreme Court take up the case, overturn Roe v. Wade, then this amendment would be triggered. But only if it approved by voters," Alford said.

Abortion opponents want to ensure the constitution is never interpreted in such a way as to allow abortion.

Last week, KTBS took a look at Amendment 2, dealing with taxation of oil and gas wells, so we'll examine Amendment 3 which asks whether you support using Louisiana's rainy day fund for state costs associated with federal disasters on Tuesday.


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