Rispone ad

An advertisement paid for by the Eddie Rispone campaign takes aim at fellow Republican, U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham.

Claim #1

The ad begins by saying, "Ralph Abraham promised to donate his congressional salary to charity, but he lied."

This is false.

Abraham promised during his first congressional campaign to donate his congressional salary, which he did. He didn't make that promise during his second or third run for office.

3 Investigates addressed this claim made in a similar manner in another Truth Test report, in which we deemed it misleading based on the way it was worded.

However, to say Abraham lied is inaccurate.

Claim #2

The ad turns to Abraham's voting record, asserting that he has, "More missed votes than any congressman in America."

This is true. According to records kept by ProPublica, Abraham missed 45.9 percent of the votes held this term in the U.S. House of Representatives, which is more than anyone else in the chamber.

Abraham has addressed this claim, saying his time away from Congress was time spent running for Governor. 

Records show Abraham rarely missed a vote before he announced he was running for Governor.

Claim #3

The ad also takes aim at Abraham’s loyalty to the Republican party.

"Abraham personally called on President Trump to step down," the narrator says.

This claim is somewhat true. The ad cites an Advocate article dated Oct. 8, 2016, about Louisiana Republicans and their reactions to lewd comments that then-candidate Donald Trump had made about women.

Without fully calling for Trump to withdraw from the race, Abraham used more non-committal language, telling the paper, "Trump should consider whether he needs to step aside."

Claim #4

The ad takes another jab at Abraham’s party loyalty, saying the congressman "joined Nancy Pelosi to oppose a border wall, and voted with her over 300 times."

This claim is misleading. The ad refers to HR 1625, a $1.3 trillion spending bill. Part of the border wall was included in the spending package, but was only a small part of it.

Abraham and Pelosi both voted against the bill, as did 165 other representatives from both sides of the aisle.

While Abraham acknowledges casting the same vote as the House Speaker on many occasions, it’s worth noting that Congress

votes hundreds of times during a given two-year term. Many of those votes are on bi-partisan initiatives, from building a post office to stopping robocalls.

In total votes, ProPublica found that Abraham sides with his party more than the average house Republican.

Truth Test Grade: C+, because this ad contains true, false and misleading information.


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