Beautification project begins on Amtrak Station in Texarkana

TEXARKANA, Texas - A new effort is going on right now to make improvements to the Amtrak Station in the 100 block of Front Street.

Leadership Texarkana is taking on the challenge with help from community donors.

Member Del Doughty says recently there's been more foot-traffic and businesses popping up in the downtown area.

"There's a lot of other renovated or refurbished spaces around here, so this seems like the next logical piece to work on," explained Doughty.

The Amtrak Station not only has historical significance to the community, but it's also serves as an introduction to the city for travelers passing through the area.

Doughty says some of the planned improvements include powerwashing the brick exterior, cleaning up the landscape, adding an awning for weather protection, better lighting and brightening up the signage.

"A lot of people come down here and take wedding photographs and graduation photographs, so maybe single out a couple of spots where people can have a nice background behind them," said Doughty.

"I really want it to be a safe and nice environment for people," said Tucker Keeney, and 8th grader and Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council member.

As part of a service project, Keeney said had already made plans to help restore the station, when heard about the project being led by the Leadership Texarkana Class of 2022.

He's now helping them with their social media.

Keeney says he's looking forward to seeing the station become a welcoming space for the community, as well as, visitors.

"This area the way they see it isn't what Texarkana could be. I want it to be like where the post office is right now, Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas. Twice as nice, this is not nice right now," said Keeney.

Red River Softwash had plans to clean the exterior brick and concrete of the station Sunday morning, but organizers say it was postponed due to the cold weather.

Improvements to the Amtrak Station are expected to be completed this spring.


If you or your business would like to sponsor the project, go to


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